A1.1 syrian dialekt

A1.1 syrian dialekt
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Since one does not speak standard Arabic in everyday life, it is advisable to use the Syrian dialect to learn. “Syrian dialect” is an umbrella term for the very similar dialects in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan and will be everywhere in the Arab world Understood. The majority of Arabs in Berlin also speak this dialect, so that you can practice and use the language in everyday life in Berlin.
Learners of Standard Arabic often have difficulty in contact with Arabic-speaking people, because they usually do not answer in standard Arabic, but in dialect. A dialect course is therefore particularly recommended for those who work in social work, education, as doctors or for aid organizations. So can they help or react spontaneously in everyday situations and be a sustainable one Build trust.



Learning objective:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to read and write Arabic letters. you are able to introduce themselves and have simple conversations with other people about them get to know. They can also provide information about their families.


In this language level we treat:
ArJkel, Femininum, AdjekVeritung
Nominal and verb clauses
Verb conjugation of the present 1
AdjekJvkongruenz, personal suffixes


This language level contains a vocabulary of around 150 words

Prices range between 150-190€