Online course (in English) – A1.3 Egyptian dialect

Online course (in English) – A1.3 Egyptian dialect
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This course aims to improve the level of your Egyptian language skills. You will learn local sentences and phrases that you can try out on your next trip to Egypt. You will be taught to speak the Egyptian dialect with confidence and your listening skills will be put to the test.
Egyptian dialect is the most widely used dialect in the Arab world because Egyptian films, soap operas, and songs are very popular throughout the Arab world. It is the dialect of around 100 million people, an everyday language, the language of advertising and entertainment, and an important part of Egyptian culture.
With dozens of audio recordings, we deal with common everyday situations in four main topics:
Making acquaintances, everyday routines, places, and directions. The pupil learns formal and informal expressions, numbers and time, the linguistic present and future (+negotiation), the declination of the form for the verb “have” and the imperative.

Course schedule:

Each course is divided into 16 sessions (1.5 hours each).
In each session, an audio file about an everyday situation is played, a new grammar rule is dealt with, some exercises are worked on and cultural backgrounds are presented. For students with level A1.1 (no previous knowledge), the first three session are used for the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation.


Completed A1.2 course (Egyptian dialect) or previous knowledge sufficient for the course. We offer the possibility of grading your level.

Learning target:

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand simple sentences and questions and apply commonly used vocabulary relating to personal and family information (shopping, environment, work). You can also understand the main topic of conversations with short, clear sentences.


In this language level we cover the following grammar: The future tense and negation, the dual, plural, the form عند for „have“, object pronouns. Descriptive-Vocabulary about the home, places, excuses, writing emails is covered.

Prices range between 150-190€