Children’s Course 9-12

Children’s Course 9-12
Noch 05 Pl.
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We have been offering courses for children and teenagers from the 3rd up to the age of 14.

We divide the children into suitable age groups with a maximum of seven children. Which strengthens the children’s performance and contributes to a better and more pleasant learning atmosphere.

Depending on the age group and level of knowledge, we have different teaching methods and deal with all the topics. We use teaching material that we have developed. If your child has no previous knowledge of reading and writing the Arabic language, we will do literacy. We use our teaching material and, depending on age, rely on playful and musical lessons.

We attach great importance to a protected and safe environment for the children, free of ideologies, etc. Our teachers on-site, who have special knowledge and a lot of experience in dealing with and teaching children and young people, ensure this.

Prices range between 40-56€