Online course – A1.3 Modern Standard Arabic

Online course – A1.3 Modern Standard Arabic
19:45 – 21:15
Noch 3 Pl.
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It is advisable to learn Standard Arabic first because it is the official written language of administration and media in all Arab countries.
In our standard Arabic course, you will systematically learn the structure of the language. We have developed our own teaching materials for this purpose, and attached great importance to designing lessons which are communicative and diverse. Even though Standard Arabic is
generally not spoken in everyday life, speaking in class is both fun and will help you to develop a feel for the language.
Furthermore, what has been learned in this class will provide a solid basis for learning any of the different colloquial dialects at a later time.


Completed A1.2 course (Standard Arabic) or knowledge of Arabic sufficient for the course.

Previous knowledge:

A language-level assessment can be provided upon request. See above.

Learning objective:

At the end of the course, learners will have expanded their everyday vocabulary and can, for example, make phone calls or book a hotel room in Standard Arabic.


At this language level we cover:
Verb conjugation in the present tense (2).
noun-adjective agreement, personal suffixes, genitive constructions (2).


This language level contains a vocabulary of 120-150 words.

Prices range between 150-190€