Left and Right

Here´s something that I did´t learn when I was little and that no adult ever explained to me.
When I got older, I discovered this very simple thing.

Something that had never even occurred to me before.

I realized that in Arabic-speaking countries (as well as in some others), we read and write from right to left and we draw and look at pictures in the same direction.

People in countries that use the Roman and Cyrillic alphabets, for example, draw an look at things from left to right, which is how they read and write (and think).

The pictures that appeal to us in my part of the world are the ones that go in the same direction as the way we read. In these drawings the eye moves from right to left, and figures move from right to left if they are leaving, and in the opposite direction if they are arriving.

I haven´t really thought about how Arab people dream, but I think that we must even dream from right to left!

Mohieddin al-Labbad